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People find themselves struggling with debt for many reasons. Bankruptcy can provide a solution.

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Bankruptcy Solutions in New York and New Jersey

Losing a job. High credit card bills. Medical problems. People find themselves struggling with debt for many reasons. Whatever has led to your financial struggles, help is available.

At Kurtzman Matera, P.C., we can help you decide if bankruptcy or other alternatives are the best way to resolve your debt. With more than 20 years of bankruptcy and debt negotiation experience, we will help you get relief from debt in New York or New Jersey.

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Debt affects people from all walks of life. Filing for bankruptcy does not make you a bad person. It does not make you a failure. Filing for bankruptcy is your right.

Our lawyer is dedicated entirely to helping people in New York and New Jersey get relief from overwhelming debt. We know the stress caused by harassing phone calls, wage garnishments and difficult financial decisions. We are here to help.

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

The best way to find out if bankruptcy is the right debt relief option for your situation is to come in for a free consultation. We will talk through your financial circumstances and explain your options. Over the past two decades, we have helped many of our clients find relief through Chapter 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcy and creditor workouts.

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We are here to help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. We will meet with you in one of our conveniently located offices in Spring Valley, New York (845-579-2791) or Cresskill, New Jersey (201-368-0807).


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